Recently my good friend and fellow C4MVC junkie, Eric Hexter blogged about an event the ASP.NET MVC community is putting together called, MvcConf.

What is MvcConf?

MvcConf is a online conference where you can learn about real experiences creating MVC applications as well about what the future holds for creating apps based on MVC.  We have scheduled community members to present on intro and advanced topics using MVC2 and we have some Microsoft product members who will talk about some of the new stuff coming out soon.

Why should I care?

If you’re interested in learning more about development with ASP.NET MVC, why not attend a free event (or session) that will aide that cause? Not only do we have community leaders on MVC but also members of the ASP.NET team, including the one and only PM for the product, Mr. Phil Haack!

You really have nothing to lose with this conference, well, except for some bandwidth since this conference is virtual and broadcast through Live Meeting. :P

Specific Details

So come on, check us out. Here’s the information that you’ll need:

When: Thursday, July 22 8AM – 5PM CDT

Cost: FREE

Where: Virtual (Live Meeting)

Register here:

We’re still working through the final sessions, so the schedule will be posted in a few days. Please bare with us as we coordinate these logistics :)

I’ll see you at MvcConf 2010!

Happy Coding!