August 2006 Entries

Design Question: Business Logic

Where does/should it live?  Middle tier (.NET/Java/Other technology) or data tier (SQL Server/Oracle/DB2)? Talk amongst yourselves.  I'm curious to find out what you have to say!

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Google: Elmer Fudd

While looking through my RSS feeds through RSS Bandit, I bumped into this post by Roy Osherove.  I couldn't believe it, so I had to try it!   I know, I have a sick sense of humor. ;-) 

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SOA and Reuse Opinari

David Chappell has posted his latest opinari entitled SOA and the Reality of Reuse.  Over all a pretty good read since it helps to demystify theoretical SOA from applied SOA.  While reading the opinari, I came to the realization that people considering SOA should we asking the question: what are you really trying to do now? As an added bonus, David Ing has posted his own thoughts on the opinari; also a very good read.

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Dominic's Web Presence

I was curious the other day and decided to see how many other "Dominic Lozano"s are out there.  So, I Googled for it.  To my surprise, my five month-old son is the first Dominic in the list!  When I asked him what he thought of it, all he could say was: "goo". ;-)

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Hanselman's 2006 Ultimate Tools List for Windows

That's right, Scott has updated his ultimate tools list!  Check it out, and see what you've been missing (or if your tools is on his list).

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What Is .NET?

That's right, I'm asking you that question...what is .NET?  Is it the framework, services, software, way of life?  I want to hear your thoughts!

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OO Overview and Static vs Instance Methods

My good friend Tim Gifford has a pretty nice write up on object-orientation and the always popular, "static vs. instance" methods.  Here's something I would like to comment/add-upon to his post: Tim mentions, Because when you're agile, you must be able to make changes quickly without affecting the system. In order to do that, you need to reduce (or eliminate) duplicate code and minimize coupling. I will have to say that this statement holds true for more than just agile developers.  If you're doing any type of component based development or have incorporated some higher-level abstractions into your code,...

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Modeling Tools

Currently in the process of looking at different modeling tools (data, objects, applications, etc.) that we can use for the development of our new system.  What type of tools have you used to create your data, domain and business process layer?  Any input is appreciated!

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New Battery

That's right!  My new Dell battery has arrived!  A week ago, I blogged about finding out that I needed a new battery due to Dell's battery recall.  Man, that was fast!!  It only took a week to get the goodness... This is a pretty picture:

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ASP.NET, ASP and COM Issues

Scott Hanselman posted some of the pains of interacting with ASP, ASP.NET and COM.  If you have the time read through his post and the comments, to get a better understand of the issues he encountered. A while back, I've a similar post about dealing with two CLR versions and COM interop.  Also worth checking out... Quick Poll: How many of you out there are using Classic ASP and ASP.NET in your web environment?

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Visual Studio Content Installer

Although it was created about a year ago by Craig Skibo, the Visual Studio Content Installer Power Toy is a pretty nice tool. A couple of weeks ago, I created several snippets, item and project templates for a client and this tool made the process pretty easy.  If you're trying to export common functionally so it can be shared across your team, it's the smoothest way to do it.

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Live In New York!

Not sure about you, but this sounds like a great opportuntiy if you can do it.  Come on, there's nothing wrong with this offer: Get paid by NYC “market“ salary (from .NET Rocks Show 192) Live in NYC for a year in a free apartment Work at a big financial instutitution Get flight pass to return home Like I said, where can you go wrong?  If you're a contractor and can take a “year off” from the Midwest, check this out!

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New Ventures

For the past two years, I've had the pleasure of being involved in the world of consulting.  Being a consultant has allowed me to learn about how businesses utilize technology to make their processes more streamlined and automated.  In particular, I've been able to develop my "business analyst" skills by being more involved in the overall process rather than just the coding piece. During the past year, I was heavily involved in the design and implementation of an enterprise-wide solution for one our clients. (NOTE: I've stressed the words enterprise-wide solution because these words tend to have different meanings to different...

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My Battery Can Go Ka-boom!

By now, you've all heard about the battery recall Dell is doing for all laptops sold from October 2004-2005 (approx.).  Well, my Dell Inspiron 6000 was bought in early 2005 so it could contain one of these faulty batteries.  After login into Dell's Support site and providing my battery ID, I hit the jackpot...if you can call it that.  I get a new a battery in about 20 days!  For the mean time, I'm running my laptop without it just in the case that something goes wrong (I've had this laptop for over a year now and nothing has happened. ...

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Windows Live Writer

Finally, something I've wanted for a long time from MS...a blog post writer thingy.  However, I like other people wanted this functionality added to OneNote since you can consider (at least I do), your blog as an online version of your OneNote thoughts.  Scott Hanselman has a great post on his thoughts on Live Writer; in particular on how it behaves/interacts with dasBlog.  I do agree with him that this writer seems/feels very familiar as BlogJet (an editor that I decided to purchase). Some of the layout of the editor has a certain feel to OneNote (like the right panel...

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LightBox.NET ver 0.1.2006.0726

A while back I posted about LightBox.NET and it's source code. From the looks of it, it was well received since people have blogged about it here and here. Also, someone has added it to their Magnolia bookmark list. To all out there, thanks!  I know it's been three months since the initial release but as I've mentioned in other posts, I've been quite busy.  I've spoken with several people about some of things I can do to make it “better” (along with the “can you make it run for ASP.NET 1.1?” .. trust me, if I had the time, I would do's not that hard).  So, here's my first attempt...

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Calling VB6 Dlls from .NET Clients

Last week at work, I was asked about how one would go about displaying forms that are hosted within a VB6 ActiveX DLL.  The first thing that went through my mind was, “Why would you?” … well, the DLL was “legacy” code that couldn’t be ported to .NET due to time constraints.  So, how do you do it? Well, if your DLL displays any forms (aka calls the Show method on them), you will throw a COMException.  What’s the COM exception for?  The issue outlined in this KB Article.  Here’s a quick summary of the issue from the KB article: Modeless forms displayed...

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