July 2005 Entries

SOXAFTEIDN: Service Oriented XML Architecture For The Enterprise In DotNet

We had a meeting with a customer today to discuss some design and implementation of a WinForms architecture.  The funny part about this meeting was that every other word that came out of the attendees’ mouth was either enterprise, architecture, object oriented, methodologies, common controls, design patterns, etc.  I am not sure about you out there, but in the last year (or two), the words enterprise, architecture, services have become an integral part of meeting fluff. I remember that not too long ago, the words XML, n-tier, distributed applications, XSLT, web services were the big hype.  Why do we have to come up with...

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IADNUG ASP.NET 2.0 Talk Demo Files

I guess it’s better late than never, but I’m posting the demo files for my ASP.NET 2.0 talk for the last IADNUG meeting.  The zip file contains two zip files, databinding.zip (contains the demos for the power point) and advanced_features.zip (the expression builder & custom builder examples).  Also, you can download the powerpoint from here. Happy coding!

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ASP.NET 1.x To 2.0 Upgrade White Paper

A white paper has been released entitled Common ASP.NET 2.0 Conversion Issues and Solutions on MSDN discussing a migration path from ASP.NET 1.x to 2.0.  BrianG also points out an upgrade center for ASP.NET to aide the process.

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Windows Vista Beta 1 For Download

You can now download beta 1 for Windows “Longhorn”…ah, I mean… Vista.   You can also download the WinFX runtime components.  Long live Longhorn…ah, I mean….Vista!

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Indigo Is No More

Got your attention?  Well, the marketing folks at MS didn’t think that Indigo was a clever market name for the technology.  So, what do they come up with?  Windows Communication Foundation.  Do you see the resemblance in the names?  Oh for those of you who are Avalon oriented, it’s now called Windows Presentation Foundation.  Yeah, my thoughts exactly.  Thanks to DBox for posting it.

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Installing Indigo As Easy As 1-2-3

There’s an MSDN article entitled, Installing Microsoft Pre-Release Software Code-Named "Avalon" and "Indigo" Beta1 Release Candidate (RC) that steps you through the process of installing Indigo on your  machine(s).  It covers the installing of the SDK along with the VS.NET 2005 integration components. If you are wondering the how’s and what’s of the installation it’s worth the read.

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Heartland Developer Conference 2005: It Ain't Easy Being Blueish

Well, Jeff, Phil and Kent have been promoting their Heartland Developer’s Conference (HDC) talks, so I figured I would jump on the bandwangon.  My presentation topic is on Indigo, the new managed communication framework for .NET.  Here’s the snippet for the session: Indigo: A crash course in next generation messenging Track : Behind the Curtain Day  : 2 ( 2:30PM - 4:00PM) This talk will be about Indigo, the code name for Microsoft’s infrastructure and programming model for building connected applications. We will cover its role in service orientation, messaging architecture, programming model and interoperability with other messaging services. If you’re currently using other...

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Free XML Engine From Altova

That’s right!  Altova, creator of XMLSpy (one of the coolest XML IDE’s I’ve played with) has released the XML engines used within their applications to developers.  The package is called AltovaXML and it offers COM, Java and .NET interfaces along with the kickass engines.  You can read more about the news from the ServerSide.NET.

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Virtual Earth Is Kinda Cool

I've been playing with MSN's virtual earth (VE) for the past day and I'm still deciding on a verdict. Sure it's cool to see the aerial pictures and road maps within the same AJAX enabled application, but what makes it different from Google Maps (GM) or Google Earth (GE)? The driving directions feature takes you out to MSN Maps in a different window to show you the route. GM shows you the route in the same screen. Don't get me wrong, I know the project/product still is in beta (it says so right next to its name), so there's room...

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Blog Is Operational

For my three loyal fans out there, the blog is back up! Sorry for the inconvenience of taking it down for the past couple of days. We just moved into a new house last week and did not get internet (DSL) until 7/19. And to make matters worse, I've been out of town since last Wednesday. Oh well, I have to catch up with the lack of bloggin in these past weeks!

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Blog Unavailable

My blog will be unavailable this weekend and for the first part of next week. Why? Well, we're moving to a new house and I need to tear down the servers and disconnect from my internet connection. Just giving people a heads up.

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Fix: Hosting Indigo Service On IIS

All I have to say is RTFM!  Well, if I would have looked at the SDK document a little bit closer, I could have read the answer!! Anyway, here’s the updated configuration file:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <configuration> <system.serviceModel> <services> <service serviceType="Lozanotek.Examples.Indigo.TestService"> <endpoint address="" bindingSectionName="basicProfileBinding" contractType="Lozanotek.Examples.Indigo.ITestService" /> <endpoint address="/ws" bindingSectionName="wsProfileBinding" contractType="Lozanotek.Examples.Indigo.ITestService" /> <endpoint address="/wsDual" bindingSectionName="wsProfileDualHttpBinding" contractType="Lozanotek.Examples.Indigo.ITestService" /> </service> </services> </system.serviceModel> </configuration> Ahh, the sweet smell of functional code…

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Hosting Indigo Service On IIS

Ok, you problably have already read how to accomplish this from either the SDK docs or another blog.  I just wanted to add a little aside to the configuration of your IIS hosted service.  When you configure your service to run under the direct virtual path, i.e. http://servername/virdir/serviceName.svc, you can ignore the value of the address attribute under your endpoint definition since the address is relative.  However, I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to define multiple endpoints for the same service.  Take the following configuration layout: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <configuration> ...

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ASP.NET Architecture: Part I -- Introduction To My Madness

This past Saturday, Tim and I hit the links and talked "shop" for a while. I was like talking "shop" with Tim because he always has some good inputs/insights on design, architecture and beer. One of the topics we talked about for quite some time was that of domain objects. The conversation went a little like this ... Tim - So, do you have any business logic in your objects? Me - No, I see domain objects as nothing more than just complex types. The are but puppets of my(1) framework. Tim - Then how do you get your objects? Me...

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Lozanotek SQL Server Is No More

Well, it’s final.  The Lozanotek SQL Server is no more…so I had to improvise.  For now, the domain controller will have to serve as an SQL Server backup until I get the new server (SQL2005) up and running. sqlserver.lozanotek.com, you shall be missed…

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Blog Downtime

Well, it appeared that the machine hosting my SQL Server decided to choke on me today.  I went to check on the machine during lunch today and noticed that the screen said “Please insert system diskette and press Enter to restart.”  Yeah, my thoughts exactly… After a good ol’ hard boot, the server (old Thinkpad laptop) was up and running in no time.

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A Gift That Keeps On Swinging

Well, after several weeks of waiting my new custom fit irons have finally arrived!  They are the Cleveland TA6s!  The sad part about all of this is that I won’t have time to hit the range this week!!  Oh well, on the upside, I have the irons in my bag!

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You heard right!  I just signed up for this offer from Microsoft Learning!  They are offering a 17–hour self-paced online training course ($349 value) for FREE!  Go check it out! THIS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, SO HURRY!

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I'm Currently Reading ...

Here's the new book on my night stand ... Programming "Indigo": Code Name for the Unified Framework for Building Service-Oriented Applications on the Microsoft® Windows® Platform Beta Edition Check it out!

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IADNUG Meeting Tomorrow

That’s right!  Come one, come all!  See the monkey (me) do the ASP.NET 2.0 jig!  (Disclaimer: In the previous sentence, the word “jig” does not infer the word “dance”).  If you’re going to be around the area, stop by, eat some pizza and point and laugh. Before I forget, if any of the three people that read my blog are going to be there and have any questions.  Please use the comments section of this post to ask them.  Make sure to leave your name also!

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8760 Days Ago...

…I came into this world.  Another year, another birthday.

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Blog Search

Well, I’ve finally done it!  You can now search my blog by using the Search link on the top menu.  I’ve used the same method of searching that used by Nick and Scott Mitchell.  To find out how you can add this feature to your .Text blog, read this post from Scott Mitchell's blog.

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