Finally, something I've wanted for a long time from MS....  However, I like other people wanted this functionality added to OneNote since you can consider (at least I do), your blog as an online version of your OneNote thoughts.  Scott Hanselman has a great post on his thoughts on Live Writer; in particular on how it behaves/interacts with dasBlog.  I do agree with him that this writer seems/feels very familiar as BlogJet (an editor that I decided to purchase). Some of the layout of the editor has a certain feel to OneNote (like the right panel and the way you enter the post's title).

My verdict?  It's a usable product.  Does it have bugs?  Yep...but it's beta.  Hopefully these get addressed on the next releases.  My biggest excitement about this product is the API it has...something that I always find rather cool.  Your thoughts?