That’s right, get the while it’s hot!  Version 2 of MVC Turbine, is a complete re-write of the plug-in that allows these features:

  • New runtime framework that allows extensibility
    • Blades (components) that are auto-registered and loaded at runtime.
    • Introduced the Core Blades to setup the basic runtime of an MVC application:
      • MvcBlade -- wiring for MVC related components (Controllers, View Engines, etc).
      • WebBlade -- wiring for System.Web components (IHttpModule, etc.).
      • RoutingBlade -- wiring for the IRouteConfigurator implementation.
    • RotorContext that works with the Blades to setup the runtime.
  • Auto-registration of View Engines (VE)
  • Auto-registratrion of MVC Filters to support constructor injection.
    • Added new UsingFilter attribute to associate a filter to an action.
    • Added support for IActionFilter, IAuthorizationFilter, IErrorFilter and IResultFilter
  • Works with ASP.NET MVC in Mono

There is also Service Locator support for these IoC containers:

Make sure to check out the sample application as well as the sample re-wired to use the bits!

MVC Turbine Sample ApplicationSample Application for MVC Turbine


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Happy Coding!