As some of you already know, I blogged about from the .  Also, I started to make it a bit more streamlined.  More importantly, I want use these posts as a way to share my ideas on how to use the new .  Not that I am “the source” for the right implementation, but I do want to provide another insight to the problem.  Anywho…

Instead of keeping my source in zip files and bits and pieces, I created a fork of the called (Oxite ALTered).  I know Rob is .  However, he’s taking a different approach to the problem.  He’s refactoring the core of the application and applying more DDD discipline to it.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s totally awesome and he’s doing a great job at it (just like he’s doing with this ). I want to take the utilitarian approach and show how you can refactor the infrastructure of the application to separate concerns. From there, you can always refactor to a DDD foundation.

Another goal I have for this project is to apply some of the concepts and tooling from I did this last year. Hopefully, this can serve as a nice sample for developers that are either stuck with the question “how do I move to MVC from Webforms?” or “how do I use tool X with MVC?”.

If you’re interested in helping out with the refactoring with related MVC content, please let me know. I can give you write access to the source out in Google Code.

Happy Codin’!