I'm a huge fan of because it enables me to be lazy.  How does it do that?  Well, the simple fact that I don't have to go to your site to pull content is a HUGE time saver for me.  It's nice that we have a mechanism (RSS) that allows you easily pull the content that you care about.

I've been using for about +1 year now and I'm pretty happy with it.  I actually bought the product back then, but now you can get it for free.  The nice thing about FeedDemon is that it's just an extension of the .  So, I can get the same feeds on as I do on my work and ; I love having one center of truth.

For for the past 1+ year, I've been subscribing to different types of RSS feeds (technology, life/health, business, cartoons, etc).  Because of this, I'm now experiencing RSS Bloat: a condition when your feeds rule you rather than the converse.  Just take a look at (small) snapshot of my feed list:


There are a few more feeds that this picture doesn't show, so you can see where my point is getting to.  At some point, I've managed to go from a this feed looks interesting to I MUST SUBSCRIBE TO EVERYTHING!  As you can see, that obviously was not the healthy choice.

So, how I do get out of this predicament? Well, I don't know.  I've already been pruning the feed list by removing those entries that are rarely updated or I care not follow any more (that's right, that means that the list was longer).


I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the blue number within parenthesis shows the number of unread items, not feeds.  So yeah, there are a lot more feeds within each of the folders at the top.

Do you have any suggestions or similar experiences with your RSS feeds?  If so, anything you can throw back my way will be much appreciated!