I'm not sure how many of you out there have heard of , a ready to run solution for hosting video on the web. It's a great video sharing web site blue print built by the guys at .  I've been looking at this app since it's RC (or beta) release and it's pretty sweet.  The display and interaction of HD video is pretty awesome!

, one (if not the) developers, of the application out on his blog.  If you want more detail info on the features of the application, it's worth reading it.

One of the cool things about this application is how it leverages the and to do all the video processing for you on the fly.  It's interesting how they were able to enable these to components and run them on a server environment.  They also leveraged the Ajax Toolkit Controls and LINQ to SQL (Express) to do the data access for them.  This is a great example on how to leverage these technologies within a single application.  If you would like to see a live example, check out .

The awesome thing about this application is that you can download the source code from CodePlex and run it on your machine.  So check it out if you have time!