First, to all of you that attended my HDC presentation on Software Factories, THANK YOU!  I hope that as promised, the "Ah, Ha!" factor was high.  Also, I would like to apologize for the issues I ran into with the VPC and the demos.  I had tried the demo before with only two VS2005 instances running and had no issues with it...Apparently, four instances of VS2005 running concurrently is too much for VPC.

Right after my presentation, I confirmed with Steve Loethen, a co-host of Code To Live, about coming up with the webcast series on Software Factories. I still to work out the details for the layout of the content (yes, as you all know there's tons!) and I'll start doing my Camtasia videos.

Once again, to all those in attendance, thanks for coming!  See you next year at HDC '08!

Files: Powerpoint Presentation (~2.5 MB)