It's nice to know that your efforts can make a difference or help a fellow developer.  Today, I received an email that read,

I was wanting to do an article for Code Project. The article that I wanted to write would be based on the code that you wrote in your article Extending Web Controls With Custom HTML Attributes. What I was wanting to do is to build a plug-in architecture for these "Custom HTML Attributes", where if you wanted, you could add a new attribute simply by dropping a dll into your applications bin folder.

I was just writing to you to check if it would be ok for me to base my article on your code. (I would obviously site you as the source for this code)

A while back, I received this comment through the forum for the same article:

Hi Javier,
I am so impressed by this article.It gives many sparks of Creativity.
Keep the good work and do post similar ones. All the Best.

I'm just glad to know that my efforts help other people in their programming endeavors.

Keep on codin'!