Oracle Develop is the "developer"part for the OpenWorld conference.  Remember, when I blogged about it couple of days ago?  Yeah, I was pretty much in the same room for hours listening on how I can use their .NET tools to make things easier for developers.  Verdict?  Un-impressed.  Why?  Well, most of their content was the same content you can find on their website.  The only things that made it ok was that I was able to talk with the developers of the product and discuss some of the issues/enhances with the product.  I was also pleased to find out that they're planning on releasing a lot more support for ASP.NET in their next release sometime in 2007.  Couple of the ASP.NET artifacts are mostly around new provider model for membership, role, session, etc.  I figure, the less code I own the better.

I did manage to make it to the MS both in Moscone South and talk with some of the solution architects there.  Also, I had the chance to look at how Oracle performs on 64-bit Windows.  Man, from the numbers it looks pretty sweet.  I know there some die hard's out there that preach that Oracle should not run on anything but Linux.  What do I say to that?  To each its own...we each have our preferences.

On the plus side, I did get to see San Francisco...well, at least down town.  Didn't have a chance to hit the bridge or Alcatraz, but there's always next time.  Right now I'm at SFO waiting for my flight to DFW.  The bad part about it is that traveling back to the Midwest, I gain two hours.  So, I won't be in until 8 PM then to OMA by 10 PM.   Man, is it going to be another long day of travel.