I've been doing a lot of playing around with Team Foundation for the past couple of weeks and in the mean time I've created a lot of test* Team Projects.

When I decided to clean up some of these test project, I thought the logical thing and went to delete them through Team Explorer.  Well, as soon as you do that, you will run into this nice little message:

Use the Project Creation Wizard in Team Explorer to create a project or the TfsDeleteProject tool to delete one.

Being a huge fan of the command line, this is not an issue for me.  But those of you that prefer a GUI, there is one!  Julien Lavigne has created a nice GUI for deleting Team Projects.  Unfortunately, this does not delete the Team Project Portal from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).  That deletion will need to be done through the administration website for WSS.

It would be nice if she could add this to CodePlex so it's all in a nice common place!  Also, adding the ability to delete the Team Project Portal from the tool would be nice.


* Projects used as dumping grounds for code repositories and other project related items (documents, spreadsheets, etc.)