Since we have infinite amounts of spare time in our hands, Nick and I decided to start a little side project called: yabe (yet another blog engine).

Why a project you ask? Well, we wanted to have something meaningful to work with as we sharpen our skills in .NET 2.0 and VS.NET 2005. We are thinking the whole nine yards on this project, by using VSTS to host our code/tests, full fledge use of new class diagrams (thanks Whitehorse), SQL Server 2005 backend and Indigo as a service layer. Granted all of these ideas are still on the white board (where "white board" = "napkin") and are subject to change. But my idea is to have materials (Word documents, sketches, power points) to share with the community so they can use it as a reference/tutorial. How much material are we talking about here? As much as time allows ... remember, it's all about learning!

Please feel free to use entry to post any comments or ideas you might have for this project.