I just need to vent a little bit...For the project I'm currently working on, one of the developers was told to 'clean up' some of the fields that are no longer in use for the windows client. Well, since the ASP.NET client and windows client touch the same data...hmmm, I wonder, will that affect the ASP.NET application? Anyone, anyone? For the past hour and half I've been doing impact analysis on our application finding every dropped field and make sure that they are correct mapped back to our business objects.

Some of you might say, that's easy just go to the stored procedure and change the data in there...well, I'm not using any stored procedures...why? Do I have sick death wish? Well, yeah, but not for that reason. The CRM OLE DB provider I have to use for this project does not support the execution of stored procedures or parameterized queries! That's right folks, all the SQL is hard coded in the data layer! Yeah!!!

I need a strong drink.