It's scary how some of us geeks tend to think on the same wave length...


Earlier today, Nick and I were talking about AJAX and how it's now supported by most browsers. In particular, how Google Maps have managed to use this browser feature to make their application run smoothly. Some of you out there might be saying, "Yeah, google maps, it's soo cool! Look how it uses AJAX!"...well, what about OWA or even so Web MSN Messenger? I'm not sure how many of you know this, but all of these async http request functionally was added to IE with the MSXML 3.0 parser! There were examples on the parser SDK that show you how you can do async http requests (granted that your browser was IE). How is AJAX differ? It doesn't...the only main difference now is that other browsers besides IE support it. Thus why people think it's's no longer a MS thing.


Tying back to my Avalon post, I wonder how Google Maps would look if you Avalon-ize it?

So from now on, you hear a fellow developer mutter the words, "it only works on IE", play a little closer attention...they might be on to something.