... to the C# developer that's coding it. Nick and I have been quite busy working on a VB.NET web project for Sprint. As some of you know, Nick and I are pretty fleunt in C# (the fact that Nick is an MVP for the language proves that at least he is!), so our VB.NET code doesn't flow as smoothly as our C#-syntax does. It took Nick 5 minutes to write a simple handler (.ashx) in C# and an additional 20 minutes to make it work in VB.NET...that's just a poor use of a resource's abilities! It's like me asking you to add 4+4 but you will have to express them in terms of their relative prime value. This also makes for some ugly code, cause we might not be using the correct language-constructs to accomplish our coding tasks.

Yes, I know that the .NET Framework is language impartial, but remember that (innefficient VB.NET/C# code) = (innefficient IL)