Long ago, while browsing the great pages of MSR (if you don't do that know, I suggest you do from time to time), I stumbled into a C# language-extension called, Polyphonic C# (Poly-C#), an extension that offers asynchronous concurrency abstractions for distributed programming (whether it be multi-threaded or multi-machine).

A while back, my good friend Nick had a quick post about the new .NET research language C-Omega, a C# superset.  This peaked my interest a little.  I asked myself, “Adding more cool stuff on top of C#?! Is there no end to the greatness?”  I started digging into this new phenomenon...

To my surprise, the people who worked on Poly-C# are the same guys to thank for C-Omega.  After reading the “omega pages”,  I will tell you this puts a different (but great) twist on data-programming!  To have a language that views data as an internal construct and not as a distant cloud that could only be interacted with the aid of an API !!!  Can you feel the excitement?! 

I apologize for that last 'geek-out'.  It won't happen again ;-)

I plan on posting some of C-Omega experiments for you all to see in the coming weeks...first, I need to get off my lazy bum and pass an MCSD exam!  But for now, I leave you with this great article on MSDN that gives a great overview of the language.

Happy codin'!