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MVC Turbine and MVC3

I’ve been getting different questions via emails, DMs, IMs, etc. that can be summed up by this question: Once MVC3 comes out, will I need MVC Turbine anymore to provide Dependency Injection (DI) support to ASP.NET MVC? There is really no clear answer for this, so all I can say is, it depends :) For those of you that are not aware, MVC3 has added better support for using Dependency Injection (DI) within different parts of your application. This newly added support applies to: Controllers ...

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Open Source Support Is Not Just Code

As you know, I’m the author of MVC Turbine. Since the beginning of the project, I’ve received community assistance via code patches to address some issues or add features to the project.  Also, I’ve received non-code help from the community. For example, Hugo Bonacci (@hugoware) for donated his artistic talent and created these awesome logos for the project.  These logos adorn the CodePlex site as well as the Twitter account (@mvcturbine). Most recently, I welcomed the help of Anthony from Sticker Mule to the list of contributors to the project.  Sticker Mule prints custom stickers starting at $69 for...

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MVC Turbine Resources

Recently MVC Turbine has had a lot attention, so I wanted to take the time to say “Thank You!” to those of you that have help promote it, use it, provided feed or giving it a look. Artwork In particular I wanted to say a HUGE THANKS to Hugo Bonacci (@hugoware) for donating his artistic talent and creating these awesome logos for the project. Thanks for putting up with my many draft changes and requests. The logos are awesome and I thank you for providing such a great asset to the project!   ...

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