IADNUG Post-It Discussions

Tonight we had our first Post-It discussing meeting.  Here’s the jist of it from our member’s email We're trying something a little different for this month's meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, you will be given a post-it note and asked to write down 3 topics that you're currently interested in and would like to discusss. We'll collect the post-it notes and form discussion groups based on their content. Anybody interested in the related content is encouraged to discuss/learn/share within the group. Also, each discussion group will have a recorder that will write the ideas discussed within the group. These ideas will...

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WCF to SCA Comparison

Looks like Jeff has beat me to the post.  For those interested, David Chappel has posted a really, really good comparison between WCF and Service Component Architecture (SCA).  Hopefully this should simplify the creation of web services on the Java platform by providing a platform/technology all vendors can agree on.

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Fast Java ...

… download.  While writing this post, I was downloading the J2EE (is it JEE yet?) 1.4 SDK.  The installation file is about 116MB.  I had a startled look on my face when I saw the IE download window display 80% 30 sec. remaining.  It turns out that Sun has some pretty fast connections serving their download servers (728 kb/sec!). Now if I could only get the same speed for my MSDN subscription downloads…

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Anonymous Classes: Revisited

Someone asked about the support of anonymous classes within the .NET Framework yesterday at our monthly user group meeting.  At the time, I didn’t realize that I said that the .NET Framework does not support anonymous classes.  I apologize for this incorrect statement!!  The framework does support anonymous classes ONLY in J#.  Why?  Well, anonymous classes is a feature of the Java language. If you want to know more about how anonymous classes work, check out my earlier post.

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Oh Yeah? My Enterprise Is Bigger & Faster Than Yours!

Not going to get into a J2EE vs .NET battle, just want to publish out these two links that I found while reading my ServerSide.COM newsletter. They are links to benchmarks and comparisons of Web Service performance & JSF-WebForms and IDEs. Being a duck that used to swim in both ponds, I find these pieces quite interesting. So check them out if you have the time.

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What Is An A-no-ny-mous Class?

Good question! Anonymous classes in Java allow you to implement adapter classes within your code. Huh? Pretty simple, if you have a class that returns an Enumeration interface (like a custom list, stack, etc.), you can define the implementation of the code right on the method declaration. To get a better grasp of it, check this example from the Java tutorial, also please note the last sentence regarding their usage in code. Ok, how does this tie to .NET? Well, for some time I've been talking with Nick about this feature of the Java language and how sweet it will be...

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Java and .NET Open Source Projects

On Monday, Nick had a great post about how some popular Java open source projects, "frameworks", are now creaping into the .NET "Open Source Scene". Jeff also, had a good input about the "get it out the door" .NET mindset. Then Kent posted about how MS got developers hooked into the "just glue it attitude." Here are my two cents on the issue...Having been heavily exposed to both .NET and Java (J2EE), I say that yes if you want a shot time-to-market development, then .NET is the answer for your solution. However, if you want a robust framework that will ship...

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Syntactically ?(in-)different

Currently at work, I'm working on a VB.NET web application.  Since, I'm C-inclined (C++, C#,Java) it's kinda hard switching back to writing in BASIC.  So, I've been using this handy-dandy web page to help me translate back and forth.  To my surprise, the author of this page also created the same thing for Java (1.5)/C#!  This is also pretty handy in realizing how SIMILAR the languages are...however, C# is better cause it has structs! (just kidding) Hope you find these links as useful as I have!

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J2EE Development with Eclipse & Tomcat 5.0

Recently, I've been working on a J2EE web project using servlets and basic HTML files for uploading data.  I currently use the Eclipse IDE for all my Java development (Console & GUI).  However, Eclipse does not natively support J2EE which put me in a bit of pickle when it came to this project. Fortunately, there's a plug-in for Eclipse that allows you to do J2EE ... and best of all it comes with a 30-day free trial!  It's called MyEclipse IDE.  One great feature of the plug-in is the built-in server deployment and debugging.  This plug-in supports Tomcat, JBoss, WAS, just to...

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