Last week, it was tweeted that MVC Turbine v2.1 had reached RTM.


Release Notes

The from the main ; the features it provides are (same as plus these):

  • Instance Registration to IServiceLocator
    • You can now add an instance of a type to the underlying container so you can address the single instance context.
  • IServiceLocator is registered into the container
    • This allows for components to take in a dependency on IServiceLocator and have it be injected at construction.
  • Batch registration with underlying IoCs
    • Using the batch registration for each IoC to make type registration more streamlined and performant. (StructureMap: Registries, Ninject: Modules, etc)
  • Added the GetUnderlyingContainer extension method to IServiceLocator to allow access for the underlying IoC implemenation.
    • If explicit access to the underlying IoC is needed, the method will query the corresponding member in the implementation and return to the caller.
  • Added extension methods to the ViewContext, and to access the current IServiceLocator without explicitly casting.
  • Property injection support for filter attributes
  • Global MVC filter support
    • MVC filters (,, etc.) can be registered directly into the IServiceLocator and will be applied across every request.

Visual Studio Integration

The Visual Studio Templates have been upgraded for VS 2010 and MVC2 and released to the

After some user feedback, these changes have been made to the code within the template:

  • Added new Services folder with implementation of IMessageService and MessageService to get the Welcome to ASP.NET MVC! message
  • For each IoC, implemented the injection of the container into the CSL as compared to manually doing it (v2 templates)

Project Discussion

All the source is available out on Github for you to check out or fork! Also, if you have any questions or would like to contribute feedback to the project, check out the MVC Turbine Google Group.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment out on the Google Group!

Happy Coding!