Now, I know a few days late on this blog post.  Granted, at the time, I was doing a webcast on ti! :) Any way, be assured that I’ve already congratulated Phil and team on getting ! To find out more about the intricate details, check out on it (remember, he’s the PM).

Now, during the time I’ve been talking with people about the MVC bits, I’m still surprised that they ask these questions (just to name a few):

  • Are Web Forms going away?
  • How do I convert my Web Forms project to an MVC project?
  • What’s the ramp up time for learning MVC?

All of these are valid questions, and unfortunately, some of them (except for the first one) don’t have a direct answer.  What these questions do tell me that there is still A LOT of education and knowledge that needs to happen within the ASP.NET/MVC community.  The question is not when/how do I move to MVC, but more is the use of MVC right for me/my project?  This is something that can only be answered by you after enough information is gather about your current context and your desired out come.

On a different note, I would like to address a blog post that come up this weekend entitled, .NET MVC vs Ruby on Rails.  I must say that the Simon, the author, does bring up very good points about what MVC looks like to the RoR developer.  In particular, points 3-5.  Now, I’m not going to get into a but I will say that some of us are working hard on point #4.