November 2008 Entries

MSDN Unleashed!

Instead of having our regularly scheduled IADNUG meeting, we're having Mike Benkovich and Kent Tegels do an MSDN Unleashed Event at DMACC West!  Here's the info on it: Join us at our MSDN Unleashed events for the latest tips, tools and technical information you need to build powerful applications and engaging user experiences. We'll show you how SQL Server 2008 delivers new development capabilities, including support for Spatial Data types, a fresh storage mechanism and more. You'll also learn how to leverage the Silverlight platform to build next generation applications for consumers and business. Don't miss these free, live sessions near...

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Microsoft ArcReady

Not sure how many of you know about this upcoming event (tomorrow) 11/06/2008!  If you're going to be around the area, please come check it out!! ArcReady Professional Patterns on the Job You're smart. You deliver. What more could your company want from you?  Why don't they come to you for the big technical decisions? Why won't they listen to your proposals? It seems like everyone has an agenda and they're doing everything they can to kill your great ideas. Join us this quarter as we focus on the soft skills that architects need to master....

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Iowa Code Camp v2!

That's right!  If you're free this Saturday and get to get some free content and a great way to interact with the developer community in Central and Eastern Iowa, come check out the Iowa Code Camp at the DMACC West Campus! Here's more info: Iowa .NET and are hosting the second code camp to Iowa on November 8, 2008 at DMACC West inWest Des Moines. You might be asking, what's a code camp? Well, here are some of the basic ideas: Community driven High quality ...

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Not At PDC - Presentation Content

Well, better late than never! For those of you that attended my two talks for Not At PDC, a big thanks!  My apologies for rushing some of the content, but I under estimated my ability to squeeze the content into an hour! For those of you wondering about where the content lives, please go to:  Again, you'll need to use TortoiseSVN to check out the content. If you have any questions,comments, ideas or would like to talk about software in general, please feel free to contact me!

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