September 2007 Entries

Code To Live

Steve Loethen (DE) and Josh Holmes (AE) started up a new video series on Channel9 called Code To Live, a series about you and your work in the circus we call "our job."  I'm pretty impressed, these guys already have  4 shows out on their site, with tons more on the way.  Also, as Denny Boynton (AE) blogs, they're looking for people for future episodes. If you get the chance, check out it out.  And don't let their costumes (leather jackets and biker wear) scare you, in reality they're both pretty nice guys.

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Halo 3 Pre-Release Party In Chicago

Once again, Dave Bost, has blogged about a Halo3 pre-release party the MS Evangelism Team in Chicago is hosting on September 24th, 2007...for those of you paying attention that's a day before the Halo3 release date.  If you're interested in attending, SPACE IS LIMITED, check out Dave's post on the matter. ...Now, if I only had an XBOX 360...or even better, if I only had the TIME to play an XBOX 360...yeah, that would be nice! ;-)

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SilverlightCamp In Chicago

Dave Bost, DE for IL, IN, WI and former golfing partner, invited me through Facebook to the SilverlightDevCamp in Chicago, IL.  For those of you in the area or interested in attending this FR-EE event, here's the info from Dave's blog post: On Friday, September 28th and Saturday, September 29th, Clarity Consulting will host a Silverlight DevCamp at their offices in the Loop. This is a great opportunity for people interested in Silverlight to come together and hack out an application or two. DevCamps are similar to BarCamps in that it’s a casual gathering of like minded individuals. BarCamps tend...

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IronRuby on RubyForge

That's right, John Lam has his team have put the latest release of IronRuby out on RubyForge (this took place on 8/31/07). Fellow blogger, Aaron Junod, has a great post on getting IronRuby from RubyForge with TortoiseSVN. I'm personally looking forward to this evening's coding "festivities" as I try to integrate some code into the project.  Good times!

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