A while back I posted about LightBox.NET and it's source code. From the looks of it, it was well received since people have blogged about it here and here. Also, someone has added it to their Magnolia bookmark list. To all out there, thanks!  I know it's been three months since the initial release but as I've mentioned in other posts, I've been quite busy.  I've spoken with several people about some of things I can do to make it “better” (along with the “can you make it run for ASP.NET 1.1?” .. trust me, if I had the time, I would do it...it's not that hard).  So, here's my first attempt into making this a reality. 

For the ver 0.1.2006.0726 release, I've done the following:

  • Fixed the “scriptmanager control not rendering correctly”
  • Added a SmartTask to the ScriptManager control that is the foundation for the pulling the JavaScript and image resources from the assembly.  This will be complete with the ver 0.2 release along with a better installation method.

Please note that the SmartTask on the ScriptManager control will do nothing in this release.  Reason why it's added is because I wanted to get something out for people to try out and see what can change or be added.

If you have the time, dowloand the latest binaries and let me know what you think!  The zip file contains both the source and the client application.  Eventually, this will be two separate downloads.