Life hacks are becoming pretty typical these days.  I decided to jump on the bandwagon by becoming more organized with my thoughts (Yes, those of you that know me, know there are other things I should be focusing on, but that’s besides the point).  To achieve my quest, I’ve requested the help of the Moleskine notebook to collect simple thoughts (wait, aren’t all of my thoughts simple?) and the Miquelrius notebook to collect the full detail of the thought.  Since I don’t carry my Miquelrius notebook with me all the time (it’s a little big to fit in the pocket), I use my Moleskine pocket notebook.

Wait a minute?  Aren’t I a techie?  Why aren’t I using OneNote?  Well, my laptop is even bigger to carry and at times, I can’t do the same sketches and quick notes as I can with plain paper (Yes, I should get a Tablet PC).

What’s your life hack?