June 2005 Entries

Ode To Object Factories

Follow the yellow bricked road...     1 using System;     2      3 [assembly: Attributes.Instance(TypeName = "Classes.Something")]     4 [assembly: Attributes.Factory(TypeName = "Classes.SomethingFactory")]     5      6 namespace Attributes     7 {     8     [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Assembly)]     9     class InstanceAttribute : Attribute    10     {    11         private string typeName;    12     13         public string TypeName    14         {    15             get { return typeName; }    16             set { this.typeName = value; }    17         }    18     }    19     20     [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Assembly)]    21     class FactoryAttribute : Attribute    22     {    23         private string typeName;    24     25         public string TypeName    26         {    27             get { return typeName; }    28             set { this.typeName = value; }    29         }    30     }    31 }    32     33 namespace Interfaces    34 {    35     interface ISomething    36     {    37         void Do();    38     }    39     40     interface ISomethingFactory    41     {    42         ISomething GetSomething(Type t);    43         ISomething GetSomething(string typeName);    44    ...

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An Insight to C# Constructors From Peter Hallam

Today I read this post from Peter Hallam, the C# guy. He gives a great, detailed description of why they changed the access rules that governed the ... well, access to protected constructors in C# in .NET v1.1. I suggest you take the time to read it. Quick question: How many of you out there use protected constructors?

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Wanted: Your Input On Blog Content

This one goes out to my three readers...What do you guys want to hear from me? The reason I ask is because I want to make sure that I'm providing you, my reader, with quality stuff. Lately I've been posting some of my blog finds and I've been lacking in the code examples. Do you guys like that or should I just stick with the code? Any feedback will be appreciated!

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Are You Free For Lunch?

Well, if you are, then check out these free web casts and virtual labs Microsoft has to offfer! Yes, you're not hearing things, I did use the word F-REE in the last sentence. Thanks to Jeff Brand for pointing these out to us! Ok, fine, yes there's a catch...if you learn anything from these, you have to teach me! ;-)

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Rant Reaffirmed

A while back I posted a side rant dealing with the wide usage of AJAX. I made the comment that XMLHttp (the main technology behind AJAX) has been used with Microsoft products for quite sometime now. I recall using the feature my freshmen year in college while playing around MSXML Parser 3.0. I just ran into this post from Scobleizer (Robert Scoble) in which he describes the conversation he had with Jean Paoli, a co-author of XML and MSoftie with regards to AJAX. I specifically like this quote: "My team invented XMLHttp in 1998" - Jean Paoli...

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Atlas: Take ASP.NET To The Nth Level

Just read through Scott Guthrie's post on project Atlas. Man, I got chills! This project is going to bring AJAX and ASP.NET a lot closer together by offering a Client Script Framework, AJAX-style ASP.NET Server Controls, Web Service Integration! ... Too many goose bumps, need to stop...but can't!! GO READ SCOTT GU'S POST!!! SKIP LUNCH IF YOU HAVE TO!! Oh yeah, baby the ASP.NET bus is coming! Hop on!

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Windows XP Tips For ASP.NET

Jeff Atwood posts some good tips on getting VS.NET to work with Cassini (ala VS.NXT) and kicking up your number of requests and allowed websites on IIS 5.1! What does this mean? If you hate using http://localhost/myWeb1, http://localhost/myWeb2 for your ASP.NET projects, you can now use http://myWeb1 and http://myWeb2...SWEETNESS!!

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Hotfix for WinFX Beta1 RC SDK

For those of you interested in doing some Indigo programming with WinFX Beta1 RC SDK (long name, I know!!), you must install these fixes: COM+ Hotfix for Indigo and MSMQ Hotfix for Indigo. I installed it yesterday just to make sure that I'm up to speed with the "Indigo kick". Andy Milligan has a great post that shows you how you can fix an existing SDK example to work with this patch. Take a look!

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Tao Of The Software Architects

The architect allows things to happen.He shapes events as they come.He steps out of the waysand let the design speak for itself.This is deep. ;-) Check it out!

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It's Amazing What You Will Find During Your Lunch Blog Read...

I was looking through my feed subscriptions during lunch today and I've completely forgotten about this little guy. If you find it funny (or even a little amuzing), you're truly a geek.

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Asynchronous Web Request Article Update

Just wanted to say that the sign up page for the weather web service from ejse used with my CP article is once again operational. Sorry, I ment to post this earlier but it just skipped my mind.

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New CodeProject Article

I wrote my third Code Project today during lunch. It's entitled Howto: Enable Intellisense Support for Configuration Files In VS.NET 2003 and well, the title says it all! If you have the time, please go read it! And don't forget to rate it!

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Yabe is no more ...

That's right folks, Nick and I decided not to use name yabe (yet another blog engine) anymore! Instead it we are calling Ablogin.NET (get it?). If you have the time, go check out the site we have setup for it. I should have some time this evening to push out a list of features we want the engine to support. If you would like to help with the project or is interested in submitting a feature idea, there's a feedback form you can use.

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Blog Modification v2.0

I've added a new "mod" to the blog last night that displays the top 10 viewed posts. This section is located underneath the My Stats section and it's called Today's Top Viewed Posts. Strangely enough, the top viewed post for quite sometime is the Crosstab Queries in SQL Server post I did a while back when I was on an Access project for work.

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Oh Yeah? My Enterprise Is Bigger & Faster Than Yours!

Not going to get into a J2EE vs .NET battle, just want to publish out these two links that I found while reading my ServerSide.COM newsletter. They are links to benchmarks and comparisons of Web Service performance & JSF-WebForms and IDEs. Being a duck that used to swim in both ponds, I find these pieces quite interesting. So check them out if you have the time.

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Blog Modification

Managed to add a new section to the blog called "My Stats" to show the requests made to the blog. This number includes all of the requests except for the ones I make (like admin and my posts). See if you can help me kick these numbers up!

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Coolest Error I've Seen In A While

I was poking around Technorati's beta site and encountered this error: One word, "cool".

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Feed Me, Seymour!

I wanted to check the resource utilization for a client's SQL Server while I ran a clean up process for the tables. Man, I'm glad the machine had 2GB of RAM!

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Proxy Generator for Indigo -- VS.NET 2005 AddIn

While looking around the internet this morning, I bumped into this little tool. I haven't played with it yet, since I don't do v2.0 development at work :- ( So if anyone has the free time during the day, let me know how it works. It beats working with the command line tools.

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Precompile Handler For ASP.NET 1.1

One of the cool new features of ASP.NET 2.0 is that of having a precompiled site by the use of a command line tool called aspnet_compiler.exe. This tool will allow your site be compiled with out any source in your pages. What do I mean by that, well if you use the tool the output will be all of your .aspx pages with no HTML source in them. All the source is taken and compiled into the code behind of the html-part (view) of the page. This feature will allow you to pre-compile a site that...

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.NET User Group Meeting Tomorrow

That's right folks! Tomorrow is our monthly .NET pow-wow with XML as our topic. For those of you looking for a good 'geeky' night and free pizza, stop on by and say hello. The more we have there the merrier the time!

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Announcing yabe ...

Since we have infinite amounts of spare time in our hands, Nick and I decided to start a little side project called: yabe (yet another blog engine). Why a project you ask? Well, we wanted to have something meaningful to work with as we sharpen our skills in .NET 2.0 and VS.NET 2005. We are thinking the whole nine yards on this project, by using VSTS to host our code/tests, full fledge use of new class diagrams (thanks Whitehorse), SQL Server 2005 backend and Indigo as a service layer. Granted all of these ideas are still on the white...

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It's Only A Simple Change...

While catching up with my email after being gone for DevCon, I started to read the C# Corner newsletter for June. I clicked on one of the links to pull up an article and this is what I got: I was like, huh? I can understand that their server could be too busy but leaving their PRODUCTION web application to display all error information, that's just uncalled for! It's just a simple change in the web.config from Off to On.

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DevCon 2005 ... v1.1.0.0 ... (Omaha)

Well, my DevCon run is done! Had a great time in both Minneaopolis and Omaha. Actually, the Omaha ASP.NET seems a little bit bigger than the one at Minni. But yet, it could have been the room. As promised, here's my demo files for the presentation. I need to ask the higher powers to see if I can post the power point.

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DevCon 2005 ... v1.0.0.0...

It's a little windy up here in Minneapolis...yeah, that's right! The night before our DevCon 2005 presensations and we're all ready!! Nick, Tim and I just finished having a great steak dinner at Rossi's Jazz Bar in Minneapolis. The dinner conversation ranged from Visual Team Systems to Click Once to ASP.NET...man, are geeks or what?? We just hope that our presentations go well! We are all ready...hoping that our audiece is ready for our content. Man, 5 AM is approaching rather quickly...

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