Today myself along with other members of the .NET User Group atteneded the MSDN Event presentation by Mike Benkovich, our Developer Community Champion. The presentation material like usual, gave a pretty good starting point for developers to follow with their wondering minds.

To me the highlight of this event was the showing of Visual Studio Team Systems. All I have to say this is something all developers (yes, architects are developers too) will find extremely useful for managing enterprise projects. All of course, is built on Whitehorse which from the start seemed pretty kick-a**, now after a several month wait, we can benefit from a nice bundled MSI install. By saying this, I don't mean to disrespect those out there that use NUnit, NAnt, and CruiseControl.NET for their projects...yours truly loves these enhancements to .NET as much as the other guy! It is just nice to see Microsoft taking their products to the next level.