Recently, I've been working on a J2EE web project using servlets and basic HTML files for uploading data.  I currently use the Eclipse IDE for all my Java development (Console & GUI).  However, Eclipse does not natively support J2EE which put me in a bit of pickle when it came to this project.

Fortunately, there's a plug-in for Eclipse that allows you to do J2EE ... and best of all it comes with a 30-day free trial!  It's called MyEclipse IDE.  One great feature of the plug-in is the built-in server deployment and debugging.  This plug-in supports Tomcat, JBoss, WAS, just to name a few.

Other features like an SQL editor, Struts development, XML support and EJB support (of course) are also included.  If you're into Java development, I suggest you try it; it's cheaper than WSAD.